A custom Discord bot made with BotGhost.


a custom bot for the pryonline server that has the commands: P>ban <@user> <reason> Bans a member from the server. P>cmds Displays all the commands of the server. P>mute <@user> Mutes a user in the server. P>unmute <@user> Unmutes a user in the server. P>warn <@user> Warns a user. P>warnings <@user> Displays all the past warnings of a user. P>clearwarnings <@user> Clears all the warnings of a user. P>report <@user> <option reason> Reports a user. P>suggest <suggestion> Logs a suggestion to the server. P>invite Generates the invite link for the bot. P>kick <@user> Kicks a user from the server. P>addrole <@user> <role> Adds a role to a User. P>removerole <@user> <role> Removes a role from a User P>softban <@user> <reason> Soft bans a user from the server. P>clear <no. of messages> Deletes a number of messages in a channel. P>ping Gets the ping of the server and bot.

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Prefix: P>
Commands: P>vbdjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk