EM Server Bot

Bot with Levels, Currency, Translate, No Bad Words and No Mass Caps.


The bot does moderations and some fun! Self Promoting from this bot must get permissions from a admin in the server. Perks: No Bad Words, No Mass caps, Currency, Levels, Trivia and Translate! This bot stays up 24/7 until it’s down. If you have any questions, contact at Twitter @EfazMostofa2 [COMMANDS]: em!cmds | Commands to members or em!cmds-moderation | Admins only command. [NOTE]: If you see this channel "em-group-social-media" then remove because we mistakenly turned on twitter and youtube also you may wonder where is the economy under this description well we made the economy in discord.js and also music. [WEBSITE]: Review our website! https://emserverbot.xyz/

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Moderate your server with a set of powerful commands
Create automatic announcements for unique events in your server!
Custom Commands
Create custom commands to personalize your bot!
Create a leveling system and hosted leaderboard for your server.
YouTube Search
Search for YouTube Videos.
Imgur Search
Search for pictures and memes on Imgur.
Reaction Roles New!
Setup a Reaction Role system.
Timed Messages
Automatically send timed messages to your server.
Test your wits against fellow members!
Get the weather before heading outside
Translate messages with built in Google Translator.




26 servers
519 members


Prefix: em!
Commands: em!Do em!cmds