❏❜ k-bot ♡ˀˀ

K-bot is a all new K-POP discord bot, created by suko.


Hey there! This is K-Bot, an all-new K-POP discord bot, created by suko. It features many fun commands to play with, and would be very useful for a K-POP discord, but can be used in any type of server you have! • What can K-Bot do? K-Bot can play music, slap people, but also hug them, send would you rather questions, smash or pass? Kinky, huh. • Does the bot have good music quality? OF COURSE! We made sure it had the highest quality we could get for you guys! • What about it’s moderation? K-Bot warns, kicks, and bans people instantly when you want it to, just say the word (I mean command but that sounds way cooler right?) • What about its uptime? K-Bot has 24/7 uptime, so don’t worry about the bot going down ever! But if it goes, it more likely means it’s getting a little update. • Should I add the bot to my server? Yes! Between us… I heard K-Bot would love to be a featured bot in your amazing server, so why not invite him?

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Moderate your server with a set of powerful commands
Create automatic announcements for unique events in your server!
Custom Commands
Create custom commands to personalize your bot!
Giphy Search
Search for Gifs on Giphy
Set up a fully fledged server economy featuring games, a leader board and more.
Translate messages with built in Google Translator.




240 servers
26719 members


Prefix: k!
Commands: k!»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»