BotGhost Is Safe To Use, Here's Why!

BotGhost Is Safe To Use, Here's Why!

BotGhost Is Safe, Here's Proof!

Hey! Do you think BotGhost is safe? If you're questioning the safeness of BotGhost, this might help!

× Disclaimer! BotGhost is NOT responsible for any raids due to token leaks from your side.

Statistics 📊

Over 6 million users are on BotGhost actively, and over 700 thousand bots are created! At BotGhost, we love these amounts of active users and bots! I think our users feel the same way because these bots are in over 7 million, yes 7 million servers! This is not the only thing we are proud of; We also have an active Discord server where we can give every BotGhost user his or her support. Our Discord Support Server currently has 13.000+ users! Currently, we are hosting over 34.500 bots simultaneously; these bots are all running 24/7, for the Free & Premium once!


You don't have to trust us all that well, but the over 250 reviews on the Support Server are what you can trust! Here are some reviews from our fantastic users on our Support Server! If you want to check out more reviews and guarantee your safety, you may do so here.

24/7 Up-time

We do our best to make sure you get the best out of BotGhost. This includes 24/7 uptime for all users, premium or not. We will do our best to make sure your bot is always running so that you get a fantastic experience. If you're experiencing uptime issues, there might be an update, or you can report it to us via our Discord!

No Downloaded Program or App Needed

Everything you need is on the browser. If you're encouraged to download something for BotGhost, don't trust it. No downloads or apps will ever be required to run and/or use BotGhost.

ToS, Privacy-Policy & Payment Support

If you're questioning what the Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy's are then you're in the right place. Attached are two buttons, one to the Terms of Service and one to the Privacy Policy. You may read and/or review these. — We provide payment support to everybody. If you ever need payment support then you may find so in the Support tab on the website or you may visit here.

× Disclaimer! BotGhost is NOT responsible for any raids due to token leaks from your side.

Do you have questions about the modules? Try to find your answers at the BotGhost Documentation. Can't find your answers there as well? Feel free to join our 24/7 Discord Support Server! You can check those two via the following buttons:

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