Full-Time BotGhost Support Via Our Discord Server!

Full-Time BotGhost Support Via Our Discord Server!

BotGhost Full-Time Support!

Hey! Did you hear that? 24/7 support, how? You're going to find out now!

Giveaways ๐ŸŽ‰

Giveaways are hosted on the 24/7 Support Server rather frequently, here at BotGhost we like to give things away to our lovely members, we host giveaways every 14 days. Giving away an Unlimited BotGhost Lifetime Subscription. To opt-in to the giveaways, join the Support Server.

Giveaways you can join in our server!

Support Channels โ”

Whenever you need support, we're here. We got 3 awesome support channels! Support-1, support-2 & premium-help for the premium users. In Support-1 and Support-2 we offer support to everyone. In premium-help on the other hand, we offer support with priority due to these amazing people supporting and keeping BotGhost exciting and awesome!

Support-1, Support-2 & Premium-help

Suggestions & Bugs ๐Ÿ“

We care about your feedback and want to make sure you've heard. If you have any suggestions and/or bugs to report/suggest make sure to join our Discord Server and report/suggests these things with the /bug or /suggestion commands! Suggestions and bugs are reviewed very frequently to make sure you get the best experience from BotGhost possible.

/suggestion command in our server

General-Chat ๐Ÿ—ช

The General-chat is the main chat in the 24/7 Support Server. In there you can have a bunch of fun with the other members talking to each other. You can talk about anything you wish as long as you're keeping it appropriate and following the rules. Remember to keep Support out of General-chat and keep support in the Support Channels.

Conversation in General-chat!

Announcement Channels + Roles ๐Ÿ“ข

Want frequent updates and announcements? Get real-time updates with our Announcement Channels. Real-time updates including downtime and maintenance. Be one of the first ones to know about updates! If you wish to receive notifications for these real-time updates make sure to grab a role for this with the /self-role command!

/self-roles command in our server!

Do you have questions about the modules? Try to find your answers at Documentation - BotGhost. Can't find your answers there as well? Feel free to join our 24/7 Discord Support Server via the following link: BotGhost Discord Support Server (24/7).

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